SAP Business One : Introducion

  • SAP Solutions for Small and Midsize Enterprises (SME)
    • Describe SAP's product offerings for the SME market
    • Discuss the features and technology of SAP Business One
    • Outline the additional components that are available for SAP Business One
    • Navigate through SAP Business One and choose how the data displays
  • Additional components for SAP Business One
  • General functions in SAP Business One

Fundamentals of SAP Business One: Business Scenario

You are the managing director of a midsize company and want to implement a new software solution to make your business processes more efficient. You have heard that SAP also offers software solutions for companies of your size. You would like to find out what these products have to offer, and which one is most suitable for your company.

SAP's Approach to the SME Market

There is no single, uniform SME market. Companies vary considerably in terms of
  • Company size
  • IT complexity
  • Industry
  • Location