SAP Best Practices

For the past three decades, SAP has collaborated with our most successful partners and customers to develop what has become one of our key packages, SAP Best Practices, a source of knowledge informed by our proven expertise and values and provided to our customers without surcharge.

In applying SAP best practices, your organization can access the content and the methodologies you need to cost-effectively implement SAP technology. Our best practices can help you control costs, reduce risk, and drive more value from your SAP solutions.

With SAP Best Practices, you gain several benefits:

  • A proven methodology that leverages a reusable prototype approach to implementation
  • Thoroughly documented scenarios that detail both business and technical perspectives
  • Proven pre-configurations for SAP solutions
  • Guidelines for adapting SAP techniques to meet your organization’s specific requirements, and for using these techniques to develop customized SAP and non-SAP hosted solutions