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We understand that technology is a critical component of your organization’s ability to operate at maximum efficiency. However, whether your goals are related to reducing key cycle times, eliminating errors and duplicate work effort, or increasing customer satisfaction, technology is most certainly not the “silver bullet.” Achieving goals like these requires a more holistic view, and reshaping your organization for maximum profitability must adeptly combine elements of process and organizational design with technology.

Our services focus on not only where you are today, but where you’re going. This “to-be” view of your organization starts with ensuring congruence with your top-level strategic objectives and ends with a detailed and cost-justified roadmap of how you’ll get there.

While our methodology provides best practices for transforming your business, it is the experience of our consultants that makes the approach realistic, balancing factors such as cost to implement, ROI, your organization’s ability to absorb change and other capital limitations.

Devotech Services

Business Consulting Services

Enterprise Solutions Road Mapping: Whether your goal is a new solution, re-deployment or legacy integration, our Enterprise Architecture and Solutions methodology incorporates an actionable IT assessment, enterprise technology definitions and strategies, and the successful implementation of applicable solutions.

Change Management: We offer structured support and guidance for changing your organization, including change readiness planning and execution; communications and involvement; training and development; incentive development; and organizational design.

Best Practices & Process Re-engineering: The “bread and butter” of any transformation, Devotech brings a set of concrete best practices organized by function as a starting point in developing the best possible “to be” process.

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